Our Business Story

Hi, we’re Seth and Elizabeth. General Contractors, and husband and wife. 


We met for the second time in January of 2018 at a snowboarding get together. Neither of us could snowboard that year so we went on a hike, talking the whole way up, the whole way down and we haven’t stopped since. 


Four months later, we decided to build a barn together. Our family jokingly called this our “premarital counseling” . Turns out, they were right. Building a barn is not an easy process but we thoroughly enjoyed working with each other and after five weeks of building together, we felt like a team. 


We got married early in 2019. One year later, we became business partners and founded The Nomadic Craftsman LLP. The name stems from our love of travel and craftsmanship. 


Our goal is to make your life better by fixing the little things that have been annoying you forever and making your spaces functional and beautiful, in a mindful way. 


For most small projects, Seth will be the man for the job, but often projects require two people and Elizabeth will be by his side. Just don’t be surprised if you catch us singing on the job. We look forward to working with you.